One piece of tomato is Rs 200. Oh, please don’t cry out as we’re talking about a clay-made showpiece crafted by a potter from Krishnanagar and retailed by Coupon Monkey. But we bet that you can hardly tell the differences. It looks so real and that signifies brilliant artistry by the unnamed potter. The clay-made vegetable is a lightweight beauty. Its measurement and weight are 5x7cms and 110 grams respectively. It can serve versatile purposes. You can use it as a paperweight. It makes a great showpiece. You can give it someone as a gift. The low-priced showpiece is a 100% natural beauty made of only organic colour and clay.

Looks Like Real

The clay-made tomato is just like what you see in the vegetable basket at your home. You will notice perfectly glossy finishing. The potter has used tomato red, green and chrome yellow as colours. The showpiece can be clubbed with other clay-made vegetables to create an illusionary assortment of vegetables. The model will add a raw charm to your house, thereby making it more natural and interesting for the guests. You can place all these vegetables in a basket and put the basket on the centre table. We are sure you will pick praise for your inner sense and sensibility of interior decoration.

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