Coupon Monkey now sells a wider range of vegetables. Surprised? Well, these vegetables are not real though you can hardly tell the differences between those and what you see in your everyday life. The potato is a clay-made showpiece. With 100 grams in weight, it measures 9x7cms only. You can purchase it from a variety of purposes. You can add it to the existing variety of clay-made vegetables and place all of them in a basket to create an illusion. It will be an exciting visual delight for everyone. It also makes an excellent yet low-priced gift for a little boy or girl. Made of natural colour and clay, this handcrafted beauty is 100% safe for the children and their surroundings.

Clay Vegetable

Really, the phrase sounds interesting! Made by a potter in Krishnanagar, the showpiece clearly establishes the fact that India has gems in terms of handicrafts even in its rural villages and rustic towns. The potter is skilled to have created a potato from clay and it looks no different from the real vegetable. The choice of colour and its application command appreciation. It establishes a solid example of the well-known fact that potters from Krishnanagar own amazing talent and artistry.

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With Coupon Monkey regularly introducing an interesting variety of clay showpieces, you can easily purchase one such model through online order placement. You are required to reveal some details like your name and address for delivery. All these will remain safe with the retailer. The showpiece will arrive in an equally amazing parcel. Safety is the biggest concern for anyone dealing in clay-made showpieces. Coupon Monkey assures that each showpiece is properly packaged to prevent even minor break. They also promise quick delivery at the mentioned address.