Cucumber is an all purpose fruit. You can use it as a salad and also as a fruit. It has some of the major nutritional aspects. You can check this fruit which is widely available. You can have this fruit which is actually used for many purposes. In fact, due to its usage it is widely known and used. In fact it is having all the qualities of fine fruits but it not so sweet as other fruit. And more thing that it is good to taste while it is not ripen. Now this fruit is being sculpted with the help of terracotta clay art. In fact it is purely handmade and it is having all the qualities like eco friendly and highly durable. The glossy finish will equally make it perfect.

Clay Terracotta Cucumber

Terracotta clay products are simply awesome. This is an ancient art form and it is done by burning the product. In fact, these idols are simply burnt with the help of the terracotta process and then it is colored for a perfect finish. It is typically considered as an age old process that is completely by done by the top class artisans of Bengal. In fact, it is true that these are totally handmade with a manual process.

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