Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is a unique vegetable. It is bitter to taste, but the its qualities are so unique and good for health. It is green and edible in different forms. You can fry it and even boil and cook it. You can check out various recipes which are actually making this bitter guard a unique veggie. You can check out the best dishes which are made with this unique bitter gourd. Now this vegetable is formulated with clay and terracotta art. With the help of the terracotta art you can simply get to know the ancient art. These items are totally made up of pure organic clay.

Clay Bitter Gourd

Clay Bitter Gourd is made up of fine and pure organic clay. This is completely handmade by the top class artisans of Bengal. These artisans are making these handicrafts with the help of terracotta process. With the help of these terracotta process the item gets much more durable and perfect. Then green color is being used and other than that you can check out the glossy appearance is also added to make it much more attractive for all the buyers. This is an ancient art which is actually cherished by all

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