Other Idols & Dolls

Dolls and idols are favorite items for home decoration. They are also used to beautify the balcony and outhouse area. Keeping in mind that tradition, Coupon Monkey introduces a variety of items to meet varying needs of the beloved buyers. Our web shop is full of elegant clay-made showpieces sourced from the skilled potters. These potters are based in Krishnanagar, Nadia. The place is well known for its pottery items. We showcase the brilliant artworks via our web shop where you are free to purchase according to your plan and preference. Made with only natural colors and clay, these clay idols and dolls are 100% eco-friendly.

Variety In Collection

Take a look at the collection and you will admit that there are no twins. Every piece is unique in look, design, theme and color composition. Variety coupled with great artistry is a big draw for the buyers. You will find clay-made replicas of mangal ghat, musical instruments, astray, sweets etc. Finishing is too excellent to make differences between the clay showpieces and real items. Use of bright colors adds to beauty and appeal of these showpieces. You can buy any of these items to beautify your home or present the same to an art-loving person.

Wide Range Of Other Idols & Dolls Idols At Affordable Price

We guess you are bowled by their beauty and willing to own these items. Select a showpiece and request for shipping. If you wish, you can buy more than one showpiece. We have facilities of domestic delivery and international shipping. With the clay showpieces vulnerable to cracking, we take extreme care to ensure safe delivery. For that purpose, we have experts to do the work of packaging. Speedy delivery is another big promise from our end. Apart from being affordable, these showpieces come with heavy discounts as well.