Miscellaneous Showpiece

After you visit the collection under this category, you will feel that anything can make it to the list of ‘Miscellaneous’. You will find a wider variety of items ranging from fish-shaped astray, musical instruments to mangal ghat, dish of sweets etc. All these showpieces are modeled from organic clay. Use of natural clay and colors makes these items 100% eco-friendly. We, Coupon Monkey, are on a mission to keep the charm of Bengal’s handicrafts alive for years. With that honest intention, we have first approached the skilled potters in Krishnanagar to enlist their creation in our collection for worldwide exposure and sale. We are happy to have received a warm welcome from the buyers across the globe.

Excellent Concept & Artistry

You will find clay-made replicas of the most common finds in life. You are familiar with all these items and we are promoting the same via our web shop. Color composition and application are so outstanding that there is literally no difference between a real-life find and the clay model. We salute the potters who have made every imagination come true through clay and colors. Their hands do the magic and these showpieces prove the point beyond doubt. You can put any showpiece anywhere – in showcase or on a shelf – and see the change it brings to your living space.

Wide Range Of Miscellaneous Showpiece At Affordable Price  

Isn’t it surprising that these showpieces are affordable despite being adorable? It is, surely. Which one you like the most? Decide it first and request for accepting your order. You need to hurry up, as many art-loving people are getting crazy to buy these showpieces. We do domestic delivery and international shipping as well. We also promise exciting packaging. Our employees are focussed on speedy and safe delivery. Discount is offered on whatever you purchase.