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Saradamuni Mukhopadhaya is the wife of Sri Ramkrishna and with her love and devotion she has created a new verge in the society. Her teaching and the life’s work show that love for humanity is the actually meaning of love. She imparted the knowledge of equality among all her disciples. In fact, with her variety of short stories and the lifestyle one could learn many things in life. Thus, in the name of her along with Ramkrishna and Vivekananda many schools and colleges got opened. Thus she is being worshipped as an idol. In fact, with the help of clay and terracotta art one can relentlessly get her blessings and worship her at home.

Clay Art of Sarada Maa

Sarada Maa was one of the legendary Saint of India. Her selfless love towards the society and her disciples made her famous. In fact, her dedication towards making everyone feel that no one is high or low infront of mother, made her the mother of all. She is having the power to accept all sorrows and open her heart in a selfless devotion towards teaching her disciples about how to lead their life in the right direction. Thus, with the help of this clay terracotta art and sculpture we are trying to relive her image infront of everyone.

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