Mahatma Gandhi

Hey Ram! Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the father of our nation. He was an inspiration not only nationally but also globally, for his Non Violent procedure of handling any adverse situation. Gandhiji was the sole inventor of our Panchayati Raj. In fact, he started the non-cooperation, quit India, and even participated in the making of Indian Council. Thus, he is an idol to all of us. Giving a clay art form to this legendary source is simply an outstanding. In fact, these showpieces will be portraying the love and devotion towards these legendary figures.

Clay Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is being loved by all Indians! This love and his endless sacrifice in the Indian Freedom movement, Gandhiji became a saint for us. In fact, many of us worship him and get inspired by him as a God. So the clay terracotta art, which is an old form of art, is being used to make these Gandhi sculptures, which are unique and at the same time, these are equally helping to decorate your living. You can even gift these terracotta clay art to anyone your loved ones and even keep it in your study.

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