Gopal Bhar

Gopal Bhar is truly an amazing character. He is widely famous all over Bengal as well as India. He holds an adorable & respectable position in the hearts of several Bengali people. He was an eminent personality in medieval Bengal. Almost all of us are aware of his sense of humor. He was more popular for his intellectual jesting capacity. Some of our clay idols are also modeled on such a comic legend. You can avail various postures of Gopal Bhar while exploring our versatile collection. All of these handmade showpieces are the ideal option to decorate your home marvelously as well.

Gopal Bhar – Another Name of Laughter

Being a court jester, Gopal Bhar used to work under the then king of Nadia, Raja Krishnachandra. Gopal was a person who used to provide utmost pleasure to others by his humorous and ridiculous speech. He was also a Navaratna of the King’s court. He was well familiar as an intelligent person and for presenting perfect ideas at time. Most of his statues display Gopal Bhar in Bengali Dhoti and Panjabi along with his half-bald head. Among them, the idol of Gopal holding Hilsa fish in one hand and curd in another is quite popular. Our collection belonging to Gopal Char category can suit your desire as well.

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