Baba Loknath

There are some well-familiar Bengali legendary figures among whom Baba Loknath holds a strong position. He is still prevailing in the hearts of millions of followers and devotees, even after his death long years ago. As a result, the statues of Baba Loknath are worshipped as the absolute incarnation of God by Hindu, especially Bengali devotees. His clay idols are extremely popular all across West Bengal as well. Our Legend collection is not devoid of such a famous Yogi. You can find awe-inspiring handmade clay showpiece of Baba Loknath from our store anytime you want. Apart from being an object of worship, this idol can be a spectacular home decoration embellishment to suit your needs.

Baba Loknath & His Massive Influence

Baba Loknath Brahmachari was born in Barasat district, West Bengal. Belonging to a devout Brahmin family, his spiritual power and mysticism was realized during his childhood. Later, he was yielded to Guru Bhagwan Ganguly in order to take the way of sannyas and divinity. During his lifetime of 160 years, he had travelled a number of countries miraculously just on foot, including Mecca, Afghanistan and different parts of Western World. After he returned to the village Baradi, he became a king of deity among both Hindu and Muslim followers, due to his healing power and compassion love. He is living in the hearts and minds of several devotees till now, as he conveyed long, long years ago.

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