All Clay Legends

Legends in clay? Yes, the potters in Krishnanagar are making a wider variety of wonderful showpieces of some most popular legends. Coupon Monkey has retailed some of these creations to add to their collection. Let your eyes graze through their selection of clay-made legends and buy the model of your most favourite personality. You will find nine showpieces all together. These showpieces are modelled on Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Sri Ramkrishna, Mother Teresa and Gopal Bhar. You can buy any of these showpieces as a part of your interior decoration plan. These showpieces are also excellent gifts for anyone who loves handcrafted items.

Eco-Friendly Legends

Interesting it sounds, isn’t it? The showpieces are made of purely organic clay along with natural colours. Therefore, these showpieces are eco-friendly. In other words, they are safe for environment and personal use as well. The figurines are not of same sizes and weights. They also vary in shapes and designs. Some models are coloured either white or off-white whereas others come in bright colours. Perfect finishing is common in every showpiece and an excellent example of the potters’ amazing artistry. You can put any of these showpieces wherever you want. Without any doubt, the showpieces will glam up your interior in no time.

Purchase From Wide Range Of All Clay Legends And Showpieces At Discount Price

You can buy each showpiece at a discounted price. It will save you more bucks. Place an order. The retailer is responsible to reach the showpieces at your specified address. Coupon Monkey does packaging of these showpieces ahead of each delivery. Safe and fast delivery always tops the list of their priorities. The retailer delivers the products in and outside India. For both domestic and international shipping, you need to fill up a form in order to disclose some important details.