Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is well considered as an Incarnation of Destruction. He is one of the most powerful and venerated figures among several Hindu Gods and Goddess. Not an individual devotee can ignore his strength and majesty as well. He is having millions of followers and worshippers to recall His name in great danger. The clay idols of Lord Shiva belonging to our collection can be an honor to this Almighty God. There are a variety of pieces, displaying Lord Shiva in His popular postures to allure the viewers just at first sight. You can place the idol of sitting Lord Shiva on any sturdy surface or hang the light frame art anywhere on the wall, as per your desire.

Shiva – The God of Destruction      

Lord Shiva is well known as the “Angry God”. He symbolizes absolute darkness and hence is being called, Angry God. He actually holds excessive power to destroy all sorts of negativity, ignorance, evil and death. With a long, matted hair, a crescent moon and a snake covering his neck, Lord Shiva has an awe-inspiring appearance. His eyes remain half-opened and half-closed to indicate that he is immersed in meditation. The destruction made by Him only permits positive creation as well. That is why, a number of devotees keep the statues of Lord Shiva to worship on a recurrent basis, ensuring welfare of their households.     

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