The well-familiar dancing image of Lord Shiva is known as Nataraj. The idol of Nataraj is a creative art and magnificent sculpture of all times. Several art-loving people as well as avid devotees like to keep this exclusive clay showpiece at home and even at office. Our versatile collection is not devoid of Nataraj idol. The handmade clay showpiece of Nataraj is exclusively designed for you and others. This is quite lightweight to be placed on any delicate surface, where it can be visible from all directions. It has the extra-ordinary appeal to steal the hearts of viewers and can be a wonderful home décor ornament as well.

Symbolism of Nataraj Form

Nataraj appears in a pure dancing form. He is displayed with his four hands along with his left foot raised in a stylish way and standing on his right foot. This cosmic dance of Lord Shiva is symbolic of cosmic creation and destruction at the same time. Moreover, his dance portrays the daily harmony of life as well. The image appears quite horrible as per the activities of Shiva while retaining tranquility in mind. For various reasons, the idols of Nataraj are preferred to be kept at home. It can be an ideal gift option too, surprising your beloved ones. 

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