Mother Mary

Mother Mary was the mother of Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. The statues of Mother Mary are widely worshipped in the West. She is the Divine Mother to be venerated by millions of Christians. She is one of the most honored deities all across the world. Keeping this fact in mind, our collection of clay showpieces includes Mother Mary, presenting her in a celestial form. Both the large and small clay idols of Mother Mary appear elegant and awe-inspiring enough to win the hearts of all viewers just at first glance. These idols can be a dominating home décor item in Christian as well as non-Christian households.

Symbolism of Mother Mary

Millions of devotees regard her as their Spiritual Mother. During her time, she played both the roles of Mother and Teacher. She is symbolic of liberty and spiritualism. She is the harbinger to introduce the feminine principles. She has shown that it is a mother who becomes the first teacher of her child. From a mother, we get to learn everything in life. The clay idols of Mother Mary from our exclusive collection reflect the same. They are truly lustrous and eye-soothing from all angles. In order to pay homage to the entire Mother group, you can keep this showpiece at your place as well.

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