Lord Krishna is considered as the Supreme Being among all Hindu Gods and Goddess. He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Creator of the Universe, who was born on earth to eliminate all the evils and sins. Such an important deity holds a huge number of followers to be worshipped on a regular basis. Now you can decorate your rooms with the exclusive clay idols of Lord Krishna and impress your beloved guests. Our versatile collection mainly includes the clay showpieces of little Krishna and related images. Most of them are lightweight and small in terms of size to be placed on any delicate surface and clearly visible from all directions.       

The Childhood Avatars of Lord Krishna

During his infancy and childhood, little Krishna was well known for his pranks and mischievous behavior. He was the adorable son of Mather Yashoda. The infant Krishna is also familiar as Noni Gopal, Laddu Gopal etc. Such images of Lord Krishna as well as little Krishna sitting in the lap of mother Yashoda are loved by multiple devotees and artistic people. Moreover, these clay idols are the finest instance of terracotta artwork for which Bengal is popular worldwide.

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