The Goddess Kali is one of the most venerated Hindu deities. She is the horrid form of the Divine Mother to rescue her avid followers from a great danger. Very few devotees are found to be least interested in keeping the idols of Maa Kali at home. Our huge collection is enriched with a variety of handmade clay idols of Goddess Kali, appearing in several postures. Each clay model has specific features and unique design to grab the attention of viewers. If one showpiece is the face art plate of Maa Kali, then the other is an exclusive wall hanger clay art where Goddess Kali is appearing in a red hibiscus. You can also find different standing postures of Maa Kali in our showpiece collections as well.

Maa Kali – An Incarnation of Destruction

Mother Kali may appear quite bizarre and dreadful to the minds of beholders at first sight. She is the powerful goddess to destroy the ego. Maa Kali holds an awe-inspiring outlook with her long, disheveled & deep black hair. Her eyes remain widely open, being blazed with fire which is the absolute expression of her unconquerable intensity. More importantly, her tongue is exposed largely which reflects her regret for standing on the chest of Lord Shiva, her husband. This Goddess is projected in various forms to make a number of beautiful clay showpieces as well. Our top class artisans are expert in creating several ideas and turning them into meticulous art.

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