Hunuman is another name for power and devotion. He is the Son of Air “Pawan” but actually he got the power of Shiva, the lord of all lords. Hunuman is the represents a group which actually coexists with each other. His love for Lord Rama and the fight with King Ravana was being remembered in the history. This is being narrated in the tales of Ramayana. It is being seen that these stories are being motivational for many of us. You can check out various postures of Lord Hanuman. Each of these postures are having different meanings of its own. Hanuman is immortal, and it is being said that he will be there till the end of Four “Yugs”. You will get blessed from him and always from from any threat.

Clay Hanuman Idol

As we know that there are so many stories that are associated with Hanuman. He is the saviour from all the discripancies. It is being believed that by taking his name no menace can enter in your life. So keeping an idol or as a showpiece, Hanuman will bring positive energy in your place. These clay models are purely handmade so each of these Hanuman idols is different from each other. You can find many postures of Hanuman. Each of these postures are having a separate meaning of its own.

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