Durga represents strength. A strength, which is actually impeccable, and inseparable from the nature. It is truly something, which is actually giving you all the reasons to grow bold. This is one of the female Goddesses of our Hindu religion. It is the other name of Shakti, the power. There are so many stories and tales which are associated with this Hindus female deity. She represents a family. The mother of four children Kartik, Ganesh, Laxmi, Saraswati. Along with these four children and with Shiva, the almighty she is representing a family. A strong family of love and devotion. She was being created by all the Gods to end the rule of demons.

Clay Maa Durga

Hindu people simply worship this God like the deity and savior from all the problems. You can check various types of shapes and pictures of this deity. It is true that there are many forms of Maa Durga. Each of these shapes is associated with a different story. These shapes are being given into forms with the help of pure organic terracotta clay. The idols are being curved out in such a way, which actually portrays their whole store within a small idol. It is simply a clay idol, which can be gifted, worshiped and even kept as a showpiece.

Wide Range Of All Terracotta Clay Durga Idols And Showpieces At Discount Price

You can simply purchase from our wide range of Clay Terracotta Dura collections. All these are made up of pure organic clay. It is completely organic and eco friendly in nature. Top class artisans from Bengal create these types of clay idols, which are simply great and perfect in nature. You can directly purchase from our shop and even gift it someone you love. These idols will be shipped to the destination without any such discrepancies. All the idols are coming within an affordable range.