Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits of all time. It is having an unparalleled nutritional value of its own. It is completely red in color and it is loaded with nutritional benefits. This is the stem of the plant, which is having seeds inside the fruit. These seeds are fully edible. It offers iron to the body; it is also having many medicinal properties of its own. This fruit looks so wonderful in nature, which actually makes it attractive and perfect in nature. You can keep clay piece of this fruit. In fact, it is handmade with organic eco friendly clay. Top Class artisans of Bengal are making this for you.

Clay Pomegranate

Clay art is an ancient formula which is actually used to make various types of art and architectures. These architectures are truly Indian. In fact the durability of these artistic fruits are simply outstanding. You can check out the various items, which are completely made up of eco friendly organic clay. These are all exclusive in nature. You can simply get a wide range of fruits, which are completely made up of organic clay. These clay fruits can be kept as a nice example to decorate your dining or drawing room centre table.

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Coupon Monkey offers a unique opportunity to buy these types of exclusive clay items. These clay items are totally unique in nature. These fruits are totally made of organic clay and composed with the help of terracotta art done perfectly manually. Each of these fruits is having a unique shape and structure of its own. The colors and the glaze are given as per the original fruit. You can check out the wide range of fruit collection, which is unique. We are also offering shipping for all our products.