Melon is a kind of delicious fruit. In fact the water content of this fruit is maximum. In fact Melon is a good one to reduce heat in the body. There are variety of melons available, this is sweet fleshy and edible. It is comparatively a tree fruit which is considered to be sweet and having loads of nutritional value. This melon is being given a clay fruit shape which is actually perfect round in shape with glossy colors. This melon is almost like the watermelon but it is not totally formulated in such a way. The melon here is crafted as a replica of the original melon. It is totally made up of organic clay. This is made up of terracotta process.

Clay Fruit Melon

Fruit Melon is a very popular fruit. In fact it is mainly found in the tropical regions. Due to a greater consumption of water within the food it is known as Water Melon or Melon as a whole. There are various types of melon and one which you will see where the outer shell is yellow in color with light green stripes is much more popular. It is true that people keep these types of clay arts in their dinning table or in the living room. It makes the room look better finer. Clay Fruit Melon is a terracotta art and it is completely made up of pure organic clay.

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