Mango is a sweet and an edible fruit. In the hot and humid climate it actually grows well. In fact, it is seen that mango is loved by all humans and even herbivorous animals too. You can get mango abundantly in the tropics. Generally, this fruit is having a green color when it is not ripen and orange yellow when it is fully ripened.  This mango clay model is shaped in such a way, which is actually unique, and at the same time it’s exclusive too. The Clay mango is being sculpted with the help of terracotta art. It is an ancient art which is completely the own work of Bengal.

Clay Fruit Mango

Clay Fruit Mango is comparatively made up of organic and eco-friendly clay. It is not perfectly round in shape. The color of the mango is yellow with an orange tinge in it. You can also see green mangoes too. All these mangos are crafted with the help of terracotta process and then with the help of color it is finished perfectly. You can buy this mango and keep it as a showpiece for your center table or dining table. This is almost like an original piece of mango and it is completely eco friendly at the same time.

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