Fruit showpieces are rapidly getting popular day by day. The biggest reason is that the clay models of fruits appear truly real and delightful from every angle. The viewers can hardly turn their eyes from the alluring sight of such showpieces. The present category introduces guava showpiece for you. This is one of the beneficial fruits which immensely contribute to health formation. Guava is a fruit available almost during all seasons to satisfy the needs of all fruit lovers and several patients. If you like to increase your art collections with a number of innovative clay arts, then this guava showpiece can be a perfect choice for you.      

Guava – A Nutritious Fruit for All

This sweet and mouth-watering fruit is mainly found in tropical areas. It appears light green or sometimes yellow, especially when it ripens. Guava contains a huge number of small hard seeds to add to its taste. Guava offers various health benefits to recover several acute diseases. Moreover, it is included in the daily diet chart of numerous fitness conscious people. You can use our exclusive guava showpiece as an ideal home décor item to be kept on a dining table or as a paperweight as well.

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