Bilva is rich in plenty of highly nutritional values. Bilva or Bael has a number of medicinal significance and hence it is included in a healthy diet as an essential fruit. Most of the health conscious people like to consume the juice extracted from this fruit. Now terracotta artwork has chosen this fruit to craft a wonderful showpiece for you. The current category of bilva showpiece is amazingly exclusive and distinctive in various ways. Its simple design can grab the attentions of all visitors just at one glance. Keep it within a false fruit basket along with other showpieces and place the basket on your dining table to enhance the beauty all around.     

Wholesome and Religious Values of Bilva

Bilva is highly believed to be sacred, according to Hindu Mythology. It is offered in the worship of Lord Shiva as a must. Apart from that, bilva is used as offerings in other holy festivals too. Generally, this yellow fruit is very hygienic as it helps to recover many digestive problems. The present bilva showpiece is a quintessential model of terracotta art where excellence meets perfection. It is a perfect home decorative ornament to be kept on various areas as per your desire.

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