Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. Even India has chosen this bird to bear the symbol of nationality. Peacock is more glamorous for its large, appealing tail and feathers. It creates a glorious vision all around when it dances in rain. Such an elegant bird can be present at your home too. Our massive collection of clay showpieces also includes the category of peacock. Now you can have a colorful peacock showpiece which is designed in terracotta art to create an impression. The showpiece under this particular category is quite small in size and hence can be placed anywhere along with other decorative showpieces as well.

Peacock Symbolizes Multiple Facets

Most surprisingly, peacock has many of the benevolent human features. This bird species offers an aesthetic beauty to nature, none can avoid that allure. Peacock is believed to symbolize watchfulness, holiness and protection. It holds acute powers to spread vitality in nature. Several people think it auspicious to keep the showpieces of peacock at their homes or offices. Sometimes the clay idols of peacock can bring good luck for you. Moreover, the addition of these showpieces enhances the internal beauty of a house, making it more impressive and spectacular from all directions.   

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The peacock showpiece is made out of organic clay. Its making process has undergone a complete eco-friendly method. It is the quintessential model of terracotta artwork for which West Bengal holds massive reputation all across the world. The famous artisans from Bengal display their skills and prowess in these creations. You can purchase these showpieces online anytime and anywhere. Browse our e-store and explore the latest collection. Keep all your thoughts aside and place an order in no time. This clay peacock can be a perfect home décor item to suit your home style.