Other Art Plates

Framed art plates make great wall hangings. It could change the visual appeal of your home in a magical way. Clay-made art plates are among the most popular handicrafts. We, Coupon Monkey, bring you an exciting selection of handpicked handicrafts that you can choose to decorate your interior or present anyone else. We retail a wider variety of these art plates from the potters and promote those via our web shop. In this category, we have an interesting collection of framed art plates available in different sizes, shapes, color compositions, concepts and prices. You are free to choose whatever catches your attention.

A Mix Of Imagination & Artistry

Krishnanagar is a town in Nadia, West Bengal. The town has earned worldwide fame for its traditional art of pottery. The potters make beautiful pots, idols and other showpieces with clay. These days, they are using only natural colors and organic clay to create an interesting range of items. Each showpiece in this category reflects a master combination of fertile imagination and brilliant workmanship. An out-of-the-box concept sets each showpiece apart from other models. Excellent color composition is also a big draw. The most striking aspect of these clay-made beauties is each showpiece narrates a story visually.

Wide Range Of Wide Range Of Frame Art Plates Showpiece At Affordable Price

These 100% environment-friendly clay showpieces are in great demand all over the world. We offer international shipping facility that requires payment of a nominal charge. For domestic delivery, free shipping is a promise. Choose what you like and place an order for the same. You won’t have to wait for months to receive the item. We take extreme preventive measures to ensure safe and fast delivery. Each showpiece has a low price tag. On top of that, you will receive a heavy discount offer. Cherry on the cake, isn’t it?