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Once you visit our web shop, you will know for the first time what the real-life dilemma is all about. Our online shop features an exciting range of clay-made artworks and you will feel perplexed as to what to like and what to leave.   We, Coupon Monkey, have our exciting collection sourced from the men at wheel in Krishnanagar. The town, seated in Nadia of West Bengal, is known for excellent pottery works. The artefacts made by these potters sell well in India and even on the world market. We collect these wonderful showpieces and bring those into attention of the art-loving people living in every nook and cranny of the globe. Flip through the pages to satisfy yourself with the artworks of the unnamed talents and pick up whatever you like at a discounted price.

Eco-Friendly Artworks

With more people expressing their concern over environment pollution, we are serious about contributing to the preventive measures that could save our future generation. Therefore, we are very finical about 100% eco-friendliness. Each product at our ecommerce site is crafted from only organic clay. What is more, the potters have not used any artificial colour. These products are extremely safe for our children, our environment and ourselves. Each showpiece could be a timeless piece in your collection. They are exclusive, elegant and classic.

Purchase From Wide Range Of Wide Range Of Clay Arts At Affordable Price  

Offer of discount never fails to tempt. But that is not all we offer. Apart from an exciting collection of great artworks, we are equally focused on ensuring safe and quick delivery of these showpieces once the buyers place an order for those. We have a team of specialists to pay attention to every detail right from taking orders to packaging to actual delivery. Therefore, never put yourself in tension as we’ re always here to give you excellent service.