Tiger is a gorgeous, powerful and speedy animal. There is no denying the fact that the carnivorous animal is a fearless and ferocious beauty. How do you react if it comes in a  figurine? We bet, you cannot help but love it. Coupon Monkey has two  tiger showpieces to choose from. Both are made of organic clay. The potters have even reached out for organic colours to make sure that the products are not safe for personal use and surroundings as well. The first showpiece features two tigers (mother and child) whereas the second one seems to be about pals or siblings (whatever you can imagine). The first clay model measures 12x6cms whereas the second one measures 7x3cms. They weigh 170 grams and 80 grams respectively.

Colourful Tigers

Black stripes on yellow body – this is the signature colour combination of most tigers. There are some exceptions, such as, white tigers. These two showpieces are made of super soothing colours to add to images of the wild cats. In the first showpiece, both mother tiger and baby tiger have a yellow body with a tinge of orange and black stripes. Their ears and mouths are coloured pink. In the second showpiece, the baby cheetahs have soft yellow body with dots in black. Both the showpieces look cute.

Purchase from Wide Range of All Clay Tigers And Showpieces At Discount Price

Coupon Monkey works as an online dealer that retails a wider width of colourful and beautiful showpieces from the artisans in Krishnanagar and sells those via their online portal. Each showpiece features a unique design and comes at a competitive price. The online retailer does not require the buyers to pay for shipping, only if they live in India. For the international shipping, they require a nominal charge. The dealer promises fast and safe delivery service.