Evolution suggests that we, human being, have evolved from apes. In other words, monkeys are our ancestors. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Are you thinking about placing a monkey idol at your home? Why don’t you spend on a clay-made beauty crafted by the skilled potters in Krishnanagar? Coupon Monkey happily introduces you to a wider variety of clay-made monkeys in different sizes, shapes and colours to meet varying needs of the art-loving buyers. Here are three pieces of monkey idols up for your choice. The first model depicts three monkeys sitting together, measuring 10x14cms and weighing just 320 grams. The second model is about a monkey sitting on a thatched rooftop. The clay piece measures 14x7cms and weighs 200 grams only. The third clay showpiece, featuring two monkey idols, measures 14x9cms and weighs 580 grams.

Amazing Artistry

The concept behind every craft is unique and fascinating. Simple thoughts and brilliant finishing arrest attention. Colour composition is too good to overlook. From conceptualization of theme to crafting of the showpieces, every step gets a touch of the skilled potters involved in the business for a long time. You can buy all three showpieces or any of these to decorate home in your own way. The potter is very innovative in his concepts and composition. He is equally brilliant in putting the organic clay and colours to very good use.

Purchase From Wide Range Of All Clay Monkey And Showpieces At Discount Price

Coupon Monkey has a wider breadth of clay-made showpieces in its collection. The online retailer collects the showpieces directly from the potters and put those on the web shop for your glance and grab. It does not matter for the dealer if you live in India or abroad. For the buyers in India, no shipping charge is to be paid for a buy. That does not apply to the customers living abroad.