Lion is famously known as the ‘King of Animals’. What if you discover a funny side of this powerful and fearful animal? It is a wild dream and laughing out loud, you will take just a few seconds to forget it. The potters from Krishnanagar have successfully translated the wild imagination into beautiful sculptures. They have resorted to only organic clay to craft the showpieces. There are only two of these showpieces. We know you will love owning both as they come at a heavily discounted price. Each showpiece is distinct.  The common thread between them is all about their being 100% eco-friendly and looking funny.

Buy To Decorate

For most homeowners, interior decoration is a passion. They keep buying and changing things to give a new look to their familiar living space. Sometimes, a few small purchases do the magic and you don’t need to bear heavy expenses for that purpose. Both these clay-made showpieces of lion will feel cool on your wallet. The first showpiece features two baby lions whereas the second showpiece has a mother lion sitting along with its cub. Both models look extraordinarily beautiful. You will feel amazing artistry and imagination that have gone into making of these wonderful showpieces. You can buy the showpieces for home decoration or gifting.

Purchase From Wide Range Of All Clay Lion And Showpieces At Discount Price

These clay models come with a decent discount. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Place an order and wait for it to reach at your home. The buyers need to give out some requisite details so that the dealer can send the ordered items at their address. No information is disclosed to the third party as officially claimed by the online retailer. Safe delivery is a big promise by Coupon Monkey. They do thorough checking before the packaged showpiece is despatched.