About the Business

CouponMonkey Clay Idols Shop is all about presenting one of the most traditional and popular art forms of West Bengal, Terracotta, to the world market. We are trying our level best to work closely with a team of the most skilled craftsmen in Krishnanagar to showcase and sale a wider range of versatile and vibrant sculptures made of clay.

All our items are carefully handpicked and crafted in an eco-friendly method. Each figurine is exclusive and elegant. They could be a nice pick for your interior decoration. The Indians as well as foreigners admire the handicrafts from Bengal and we are on a mission to create a worldwide market for these handmade items.

Why Us

With so many websites retailing handmade items from different corners of the world, it is not surprising that you may be looking for our specialities. For you, we have listed the following points to convince why you should visit us for shopping handicrafts.

  • Directly sourced from the rural artisans
  • Working only with the highly skilled craftsmen
  • Idols made with only echo-friendly technique
  • Elegant items at pocket-friendly prices
  • Engaging every potential buyer in an effort to keep our tradition alive and provide financial support to the gifted artisans
  • Introducing the age-old art of Bengal to the buyers in the world market