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Welcome to CouponMonkey Clay and Fiber Idols Shop

CouponMonkey Clay and Fiber Idols Shop presents a pristine handicraft of Krishnagar, Nadia of West Bengal, India. We have used an umpteen time-worn Terracotta art to construct these clay idols – single piece at a time. Our top class artisans are crafting these exclusive idols using pure Clay or Fiber. We are toting up with amazing designs and exclusive color amalgamations to offer versatile sculptures. A single technique of Terracotta Clay art is applied for all the clay designs. All our items are uniquely handmade with a complete eco- friendly method. We are expanding our market from National to Worldwide. Our products are having a huge craze in the foreign market.

Artistic Passion With Handmade Clay & Fiber

CouponMonkey artists offer purely handmade variety of Clay idols. Our talented craftsmen are behind this unique collection. We explored many collections and formulated this unique demand by understanding Indian antique style. We have understood that even though these sculptures are produced, selling these items Internationally will accentuate the Terracotta craft and highlight the uniqueness of it. Each of these fiber and Clay handicrafts creates an individuality of its own.

What is Terracotta?

It is an ancient art form derived from a Latin word “terra cotta” meaning baked earth. Unglazed or glazed items are made out of it. By using a minimum temperature of 10000 C, the clay is dried and baked. After which it transforms into dark saffron color. Sand is applied to cool it over. Terracotta Pottery Art dates back in the ancient ages. We find its remnants from the Mohenjodoro and Harrapan cultures. We have used this age old sculpturing method to create a unique long lasting, durable and eco-friendly earthy product.

Why CouponMonkey Claims To Be The Finest?

Our shop is a marketplace for creative and unique products. Millions of people connect with us via our online shop. You have discovered some ingenious collections of handcrafted idols. We take pride in stating that each of these Clay items is handmade with Terracotta procedure. You can check these products and select it for any purpose. All these idols are crafted to gift it in any occasion. These can be used as a showpiece to improve the home décor. We offer suggestions in our descriptions and help you to select the item as per the size, price and weight. We ship each of these products, both nationally and internationally.

How You Can Buy from CouponMonkey?

To buy a product from CouponMonkey you need register at first. Then you select your preferred items and store them in the cart option. Finally, when you checkout you remit the exact amount and snap out of it. We will ship all your items safely at your doorstep. We boast in our customer after-sale service so that will be no chance of any regret. Needless to say, our site maintains a secured login for every payment gateways. All the financial transactions are done under tight security.

Hence we, CouponMonkey Clay and Fiber Idols Shop welcomes you once again to step inside the world of Clay/Terracotta Art - An Expression of Clever Integration with Both Function and Form!